Director Search

NED embraces the Director Search by combining the opportunity to acquire thought diversity in a board of directors, with talent that will outperform in the new economy. Through an increase in complexity and transparency, we know a board’s best performance is powered by employing diverse expertise for better effectiveness. We apply a disruptive mindset and consider diversity to be the root of company performance. We produce the evidence-based research to equip boards with widespread, positive diversity.

In a time where disruptive forces and innovation are underpinned with artificial intelligence, technology’s rapid transformation requires futuristic thinking. Combined with threats like cyber security attacks, catastrophic climate risks and digital governance, Directors require two core changes in thought – lateral and exponential.We must embrace our intuition. Our neurolinguistics need to enter a paradigm shift, and cognitive diversity will unravel the solutions to many problems.

Our Boardroom EQUIP proprietary model allows us to think about a whole-of-stakeholder governance when it comes to the appointment of a non-executive director. EQUIP focus on emotional intelligence and is underpinned by universal thinking, character integrity and a purpose/values alignment. These are the essential ingredients for an effective director and our first approach is to apply a character assessment supported by technical expertise. Whether your company requires a new Chair of the Board for an upcoming IPO, board renewal for retiring board members or an Advisory Board for your startup, we have deep non-executive networks where most are not on LinkedIn. We are also building a non-executive marketplace to service the small-to-mid cap ASX for their board appointments.