Source: Qantas in-flight June 2017

An interesting write-up in QANTAS magazine this month about “What makes the Perfect Board”? Read the article – scroll one page down (page 100-108) by the refreshing Narelle Hooper, but you must read between the lines too, I believe it’s far from rosy.

The question we have to ask from these elite business leaders with oodles of experience and deep expertise in markets, “Where is the Perfect Board?” I must admit, I’m still searching for the answer to this question,

Where is the ASX listed company that is a global leader in its field, steering economic growth, customer excellence, employee engagement, investor confidence, carbon dividends, community impact and social dividends?

And if you’ve got some glowing examples, let’s hear them, who is the Chair? Who are the directors that are leading the pack? And how truly diverse is their board to represent their customer, employee, investor and community interests?

What I unpack from this article is that the needle is still not moving. Near enough is not good enough. Failure from startups is OK, they’re learning from their mistakes, they pivot and go forward. We (Australian Directors) know better, but are we learning? Who is truly the highest performing board on the ASX and let’s put them on the pedestal!