Advisory Board Products

Whether you are a private company going through transition, a listed company seeking experts to advise the board of directors, or a bootstrapped start-up aiming to raise Series A in the next year, an advisory board offering can fulfil growth capacity, risk advisory and/or transition roles for the organisation.

Board Matrix

This includes a 2–3 hour workshop with directors, undertaking a hypothetical 5 year exit/futures strategy to produce a bespoke report (which is essentially a strategy blueprint). We then determine board composition recommendations based on a need-gap analysis.

Board Selection

Includes market mapping exercise identifying target companies and individuals. This talent map can also be applied to a board renewal pipeline, headhunt and selection (includes international*), interviews (video interviews provide character assessment for best culture fit), short-list**, induction/integration, and also includes negotiation of all board director remuneration structures.

* International directorships are more accessible with SKYPE and VC.

** Short-list value-add: We provide a long-list of 8-10 directors to be considered via their video interview elevator pitch to allow the client to self-select their ideal short-list.