Why startup Founders & Entrepreneurs Fail?

Dear Startup Founder, Yes, I've failed. And I'm damn right proud of it, I wasn't proud at the time but now I reflect, it was a great thing and more importantly, it taught me the lessons learned. Did you know 87% of companies fail in their 1st year?* But did you know,...

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Boardrooms of Australia – pass or fail?

An interesting write-up in QANTAS magazine this month about "What makes the Perfect Board"? Read the article - scroll one page down (page 100-108) by the refreshing Narelle Hooper, but you must read between the lines too, I believe it's far from rosy. The question we...

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Futurists are fu*%#ed for success.

No, there was one too many *#% for it to spell that. Quite simply, Futurists are fuelled for success. In this ever changing, rapidly transforming economy where the traditional conservative “protect my patch” economy meets the disruptive market entrants, it is game on...

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