NED - Disrupting Boardrooms Globally

New Economy Directors (aka NED and formerly known as Startup Boardroom) is a specialist non-executive search and board advisory firm. We help companies discover their board potential, identify the ultimate board composition and expertise to help deliver maximum company performance, and conduct search mandates for Non-Executive Directors. Our vision at NED is to disrupt the historical tradition of the boardroom. We are passionate about empowering the entrepreneurial ecosystem and enabling innovation to scale for growth while embracing diversity, EQ (Emotional Intelligence), SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) so that boards can thrive in the new economy. We believe that diversity of thought is the anchor for optimal board performance and diversity on the board is imperative for its vitality to thrive during this economic transition. The global shift towards the digital age is cultivating an innovation revolution. Are you ready?

By applying the world’s best practice human diagnostics tool, Gallup Strengths enables you to identify best board dynamics for a high performing team.

We subscribe to CB Insights to track the world’s most promising private companies, their investors, their acquirers and the industries they compete in to help you understand great start-up boards

Understanding Austrade and their Australia unlimited programs, trade exposure and new market entry with global access, we want you to think global from inception.


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